Meeting my Relatives + Going Around the City [Ilocos Trip Part 1]

Hey guys! This weekend was a blast as I had my healing trip at the northern part of the Philippines! Here’s part one of my trip!

On the 13th of July 2017, I went on a trip to Ilocos Norte with my aunt and grandmother. We didn’t have any private transportation, instead we rode on a sleeper bus from the Florida Bus Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City.

In the sleeper bus

Not gonna lie, it’s the most comfortable bus I’ve ever rode. We rode on a night shift so easily, as all my commutes, I slept all the way. Maybe some of you will say that it’s a regret to sleep, but come on, what will I see in night time? I did eventually wake up in the morning and saw this wonderful scenery with the beautiful windmills. That’s when I realized that yes, I’m really in the land of windmills already.

Windmills in sight

And I was just so excited! If I’m not mistaken, our bus ride took nine hours before arriving at our stop.

We were staying at our relatives’ place (my grandmother’s sister’s house) for our whole trip so our stay was convenient. The place doesn’t have any WiFi or phone signal though so I didn’t have any opportunities in sharing my experiences while I was there. The first order of business that we had was to meet our relatives that we haven’t met personally for a long time. Most of the day was really just about our family time and catching up. I’ve met aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins that I’ve never met before.

After the whole family time, one of my uncles treated us on a free road trip just around the city. We went to this beautiful Bangui bay view where the scenery was just super amazing.

Bangui bay view

My uncle was also kind enough to take a photo of me under the arc of the entrance of the land of windmills.

Land of Windmills

Unfortunately, the rain. Just. The. Rain. We were supposed to go to the lighthouse for a better view of the city but.just.the.rain. Anyway, because of the heavy rainfall, it was decided that we would go home and return the next day.

We woke up very early the next morning. We took an early morning walk by the bay where we can see the windmills a little bit closely. We walked for at least an hour just to appreciate the very peaceful morning.

Morning walk

In the afternoon, my uncle gave us a tour again. Finally, we went to the lighthouse! The view was still so superb, and there’s a mini-museum at the place where you can see the history of the lighthouse. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to actually go inside the lighthouse.


After the lighthouse, we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formations in the another municipality, Burgos. My grandmother said Kapurpurawan meant white so if interpreted, the whole place means white rock formations. And the ppace didn’t fail to live up to its name. The rock formations looked so majestic.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations

I’ll stop here. Part two of my Ilocos trip on the next blog post!



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