More Healing Scenery [Ilocos Trip Part 2]

Hey there! I’ll be continuing my day two and last day of my Ilocos Trip!

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Before the day ended, of course, we went to see the famous windmills in up close. I’ve had memories of my first encounter with the huge windmills when I was younger. Going back, it did not fail to amaze me once again of how big it is!

With my aunt and grandma scaling one windmill

On our last day, my grandfather brought us to this famous resort called Hannah’s which is located at Pagudpud. Going there, gosh, everything just felt so amazing. The scenery of the place is really jaw dropping. The place is famous for having their fine white sand beach and the world’s longest zipline over water! Too bad it was too expensive but I promised that I’ll go back and try it next time!

White sand beach

My grandfather also brought us to the famous Patapat bridge just so I can take a picture with it. The bridge was really long and had many zigzags. Too bad it was raining again so the fog didn’t let us appreciate more of the scenery from the bridge. I managed to take a photo though while soaking myself under the heavy rainfall!

By the Patapat bridge

After all our extravaganza, we went home again to my grandmother’s. At night, we rode a sleeper bus again and said goodbye to the whole of Ilocos.

I fell in love with Ilocos as soon as I saw the magnificent scenery when we entered the place. I promised myself that I would go back here with my friends and family and I’ll be the one who’ll be managing our trip! I even thought of buying a place and making it my retirement home in the future! I’m not sure about that though, but it just goes to show of how I really fell in love with the place.

Going to Ilocos became my healing trip in where I got the opportunity to realize many personal things including of making my life better and loving myself more. This trip is definitely the start of many healing trips to come.

How about you? Do you have any healing trips that you went to or recommend? Drop a comment or leave a message! I’ll be so glad to read and reply to them!



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