Helpful Lifestyle Apps That I Use

Hey guys! I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post that one way I restarted my life was to have a new lifestyle.

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So in order for me to adjust with my new goals, I’ve downloaded these apps to help me!

Disclaimer though, I’ve been really busy these days so if you’ll see the photos I’ll use, I haven’t been really updating them. They’re also in my langugae, Filipino, because setting my gadgets to my native language has always been a thing for me. Also, none of these apps sponsor me or in no way affiliated with this blog post. I really just want to share to you guys these apps that really help me.

I organize all of my lifestyle apps in one folder so that it makes it easier for me to navigate through them one by one. (I do this to all of my apps actually!)

Lifestyle apps

First off is this Calendar+ which looks like a normal calendar but have additional features. You can use it not only to look at dates but you can put your to-do list or upcoming events that are color coded.


Next up is the app called Daylio. Although I have a journal, I still keep this journal-like app. It’s a really nice app because at the end of the day, it’ll ask you on how has your day been and what are the things you did. It somewhat lifts me up because I get to reflect myself a little bit more on what I’m feeling that day and if I was productive that day or not by only clicking the available actions there.


The next app is Level Up Life which I realllllyyyy love. It’s an app that suggests activities for you where everytime you complete an activity your meter levels up! There’s also a community page where you can see other users and what they accomplished as well as their levels. I don’t know about you guys but it makes me feel good to be productive even in little ways.

Level Up Life

Next up is Loop Habit Tracker which I’m fairly new to. Simple as it sounds, it’s a habit tracker! I’m not the type of person that spends time in making personalized stuff, I buy my planners, I don’t make them. So these type of apps are really helpful!

Loop: Habit Tracker

Money Lover is the app that I use to track my expenses. Honestly, I spend so much that I don’t even know where my money go anymore. With this really simple app with cute graphics, it helps me keep an eye on my expenses!

Money Lover

Because I’m still a female and I have natural things going on inside of me, My Period Calendar is helpful for me in tracking my period. It also serves as my mini-diary to put in my symptoms, mood, medication, etc.

My Period Calendar

Last of my lifestyle apps is the Water Drink Reminder. Many people have been telling me that I don’t drink as often as needed. So to make up for this, I downloaded this app to make sure I drink at least the amount that I need.

Water Drink Reminder

That’s it! Those are the helpful lifestyle apps that I use. I’m not really a healthy person so maybe doing this, tracking my habits and taking note of my goals, will definitely help me in making the first step to live a healthier and better life.

Do you have any lifestyle apps that you use? If you have, what are them? If not, what do you do to keep track of your lifestyle? I’d love to read them down the comments or you can drop me a message privately!



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