40 Facts About Me

Hey guys! (I should really come up with something better than ‘guys’ to call for my readers. Anyway…) The title speaks for itself, this is 40 facts about yours truly!

I thought of sharing some trivia or facts about me that most people don’t know about me just by looking at my blog. I think that after I’ve shared some of the things about me, some of you may find something that’s relatable and we can talk more about it! Side note, I thought in explaining further the background about these little facts just so they’d be more interesting rather than just a mere sentence like “I like melons” or whatever. They’d be completely random and unorganized though since I’ve just let my hands flow when I was typing these facts. So here they are!

1. I’ve been blogging since I was in high school. But I wasn’t consistent like what I am now and I didn’t really have any goals in my previous blogs.
2. I’m a fangirl! I love JPOP when I was younger but I shifted to KPOP when I went to college. I love them both though!
3. Min Yoongi is my everything right now. Yes! I love BTS!
4. I love reading fanfiction ever since I can remember. They started off with Harry Potter, then to anime, then to JPOP, and now KPOP. Yoonmin is my ultimate otp right now.
5. Death Note is my favorite anime of all time. I have posters, nendo, stuff toys. I am obsessed with it.

6. I’ve worn eyeglasses since the year 2015. They’re not that high though, but I can’t live without it once I stepped out of the house.
7. In relation with that, I rarely wear eyeglasses at home though.
8. I wear makeup when I go outside. But seriously, you wouldn’t even notice that I’m wearing makeup since it’s light and I’m no professional.
9. I hate wearing long pants. Especially when you’re in a tropical country; shorts and skirts all the way!
10. I have bad skin allergy that no one knows the cause of. Most of the time, I’ll get hives without any particular reason, and they’ll turn to bruises! And we don’t know what causes it!

11. I only had one romantic relationship in my life so far and I’m still in the process of moving on from it.
12. With that, I have no intention of having any relationships right now. Maybe not ever anymore!
13. I have really low self-esteem. I’d need thousands of encouragement before I’ll believe in myself that I’m good enough for myself and for others.
14. But I think I have a tad higher self-confidence though. I don’t have a problem being in front of many people and doing something like presenting or performing.
15. I have a problem with social interaction though. I don’t want to label myself as an introvert but I hate small talk and I’m not usually the one to start conversations. My personality is just all over the place.

16. Although, I took the Myers-Briggs test and I got INTJ. I still don’t have it in me to fully understand it.
17. I’m currently fixing on putting myself as my priority in my life rather than others because I’ve always put others first before myself and I think that that’s not healthy anymore.
18. I love to travel! But I really hate public transportation.
19. If magic powers were real, I’d take teleportation any day just to go to places in a blink of an eye.
20. I have naturally curly hair! I mostly iron it with a hair straightener though because my hair’s just too much. It’s so hard taking care of it.

21. I haven’t been to a salon or barber or whatever for two years now! I cut my own hair because I suddenly hated the fact that other people would be touching my hair.
22. I am so addicted to the mobile game Moe Girl Cafe 2. I’m usually the type to give up easily on mobile games but MGC2 is different. I have to get out. But I can’t.
23. I don’t have a best friend! I only had two best friends in my life but the first one got into a romantic relationship and I’ve never seen him again. While the other was my ex-girlfriend that also got into a romantic relationship with another so I’ve also never seen her again.
24. I have a number of stuffed toys that are dear to me. Most would find it weird, but they’re so precious to me that I don’t like others touching them. I used to cry when people make fun of them!
25. I don’t know if it’s considered good or bad but I am a silent watcher of movies and television series. I’d be scared or laughing my insides but my poker face wouldn’t show it.

26. I’m thinking of going on a solo trip next year! I’m already planning on making itineraries for myself!
27. The UK, Japan, and South Korea are my top three destinations when I’m given the opportunity!
28. But I’ve never rode a plane ever in my life. I’d love to ride on one sometime next year!
29. I have a problem with taking in fluids. I literally have a reminder so that I won’t forget in taking in my fluids.
30. I also have a problem in eating. I literally forget to eat everyday, unless people would tell me to eat or my alarm for eating time would set off.

31. I have a phobia of snakes. I hate them so much. I cry even if I just see them on television or in the internet.
32. I have so many pet-peeves that I’d get irritated so fast. I’m working hard on lessening them though!
33. Lavendaire and Krist Yu are my biggest inspirations in having a goal of living in a healthy, positive life. I’d call them my virtual mentors if I may!
34. I had a sort of epiphany or realization of what I want to do with my life one day. And I thought of travelling and blogging! Hopefully, after I’m done with everything, I can really do it!
35. I am so bad at remembering things. I don’t know if I may blame it on our family’s history of Alzheimer’s disease but hopefully I won’t ever get it!

36. I am such a visitor of hospitals. Every semester, I’d have a reason to admit myself or visit in a hospital. It’s so frustrating that my body is so fragile.
37. I’ve only dyed my hair once! And I really want to try out more! With more vibrant colors!
38. I like having my nails cleaned and painted. They give me this sort of relaxation whenever they are cleaned and colored.
39. I hate the rain so much. I’m a person that has to use public transportation when travelling and i hate it when it rains. I’d rather have a sunny weather than a rainy, gloomy weather.
40. I really also do not like crowds. Sometimes, they literally make me sick to the point that I’m nauseous and have a hard time breathing. That’s why I like the internet so much because even if I have to interact with so many people all at once, I can never be that ill!

I want to add more! But I guess this post is too lengthy now. Maybe I’ll do another one in the future!

I’d love to hear from you if we have anything in common. Write them down on the comments or send me a private message!



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