How To Drink More Water

Hello my lovely readers! Today, I wanted to share to you all some of the tips and tricks that I do on how I take in more fluids.

I normally don’t drink a lot of water but I came up with some ways on how to drink more. I don’t know why, but apparently I always forget that I am a human being who needs water (and food) to survive. Most of the time, I literally go about until mid-day until I drink my first glass of water. Anyway, here are some of the things I do to improve my drinking habits!

1. Water Bottle/Glass

Recently, I bought a sports bottle which I am really loving right now. It’s small which I can take anywhere with me and it also has a straw with me that helps me in drinking whatever the situation is. Personally, having a water bottle that I love helps in taking in more fluids. It’s like subconsciously encouraging me in drinking more water. So if you want to take in more fluids, I think that you should have a drinking bottle or glass that you absolutely love the physical appearance, very flexible in situations, and one that you can take wherever with you.

2. Drinking Goal

That’s a weird subheading. Anyway, after you’ve acquired a drinking bottle or glass that you love, you should set a goal of how much water you should in a day’s worth. They say that the average amount of water that a person should drink is eight to ten glasses of water in a day. It’s up to you if you would want to follow that as your drinking goal. If you think you would want a more customized drinking goal for you, there are so many online calculators out there that you can use to calculate the appropriate amount of fluids that you have to take in a day. Most of these online calculators take into consideration your weight, sex, age, and physical activities that you do on the average. For me, I have to take 54 fl. oz. of water everyday. With my 500 mL water bottle, it means that at the end of the day, I have to fully drink from that water bottle for 3-4 times in a day.

3. Water Reminder

Again, because I am a really forgetful human being, I have to be reminded every now and then that I have to take water. I’ve mentioned this before in one of my blog posts that I used the app Water Drink Reminder that is very helpful in keeping track of my drinking habits and reminding me of when to drink my fluids.

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Family and friends are also really very helpful to me in reminding me that I have to drink water. Most of them know that I hardly drink water, so most of the time, after eating or just whenever they drink, they ask me if I have drank yet. I’m really thankful that they know of my problem with regards to my drinking habit and they help me with it.

These are the steps that I take in taking in more fluids specifically water. Water isn’t my favorite drink of all compared to others but I know it’s very important to take it.

I hope you guys drink your water too and I hope that in some way I helped you in drinking more water.

What are your ways in drinking more water or taking in more fluids in general? I’d love to read about them! Leave them down the comments below or send me a private message!



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