Behind KristaIsVerbile


KristaIsVerbile is a personal and lifestyle blog that talks about different takes in life, experiences, tips, events, and anything and everything in between. Behind this blog is a twenty something-year-old who goes by the name of Krista.

Ever since Krista had knew about the concept of the world, she had been interested in expressing thoughts, opinions, and imaginations in different kinds of platforms. For now, she is able and interested in the world of blogging as it helps in connecting more with different types of readers and people. Verbile means “one whose mental imagery consists of words”. With this, she hopes to express all of what she can through this platform using her words.

On a more technical note, she is still a student of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, struggling and hoping to get a degree in BS Development Communication by the year 2017. She has been published in Thought Catalog and is intending to be published in other platforms as well.

Life is a rough road, and Krista aims to surpass all of life’s difficulties with the help of expressing her thoughts in this blog as well as help others with their struggles.