The Power of Positivity

Hey everyone! You might know that I have this ongoing theme in my life which is “living the healthy and positive life”. I thought about the impacts or the effects of positive thinking in my life right now and I think that it would be nice to share them to you! Who knows? You might also like to try living a positive life!

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How To Drink More Water

Hello my lovely readers! Today, I wanted to share to you all some of the tips and tricks that I do on how I take in more fluids.Read More »

Helpful Lifestyle Apps That I Use

Hey guys! I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post that one way I restarted my life was to have a new lifestyle.

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So in order for me to adjust with my new goals, I’ve downloaded these apps to help me!

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Self-Help: How I Restarted My Life

Again and again, I’ve told in this blog how 2017 have been so harsh to me in different levels. My life was so full of negativity that made it hard for me to bear. Then one day, it came to me, that I shouldn’t live like the way I’ve been living before. Instead, I thought of doing a do-over of my life and live with a positive outlook.

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