More Healing Scenery [Ilocos Trip Part 2]

Hey there! I’ll be continuing my day two and last day of my Ilocos Trip!

Read: Meeting my Relatives + Going Around the City [Ilocos trip Part 1]

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Meeting my Relatives + Going Around the City [Ilocos Trip Part 1]

Hey guys! This weekend was a blast as I had my healing trip at the northern part of the Philippines! Here’s part one of my trip!

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What to prepare for a Mountain Hike

I only started hiking this month, this year. And I’ve only hiked twice for that matter. One is for leisure, and the other as a requirement for a subject. I dreaded this type of activity on those times. But thinking about it, hey, it wasn’t too bad.

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Hike to Mt. Gulugod Baboy

On the 31st of October 2016, I got to hike a mountain. For the first time! It was really interesting and a bit ridiculous for me that I haven’t stepped foot in this mountain before even if I’ve been living in this place for so many years now.

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